Gu-Mi Japanese & Korean Restaurant

Gu-Mi Japanese & Korean Restaurant
1801 Lawrence Ave E. 416-755-0855

With the resounding success of my previous week’s visit to Niji Sushi I decided to try to continue my lucky Scarborough sushi streak with Gu-Mi on the corner of Pharmacy and Lawrence Ave. East.

While similar to Niji in meal complements: I ordered the lunch combination box which came with sushi, salad, tempura, miso soup and several cold and interesting tasting appetizers. I did not find the food as fresh as Niji. Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t that hungry (me not hungry!?!?!?) but I could not even finish my entire meal.

Regardless of my issues with the food, I did enjoy the fact that I was able to eat my meal in the privacy of a wooden booth.

Shahi Karahi

Shahi Karahi
3630 Lawrence Avenue East
(416) 431-8989

(416) 751-5111

Indian Buffets are a real gamble. The three I have eaten at do not rank high on my list of favourite restaurants. Shahi Karahi is one of the worst.

Located in a cheesy, strip mall at the corner of Warden and Eglinton, Shahi Karahi is at least run by genuine Indians who attempt to please the customer with friendly service. However, a bad meal is a bad meal. Cheap, brown and soggy chicken comprise the butter chicken dish while the samasos are greasy and untasty.

The selection is unvaried and the restaurant resembles more of a cafeteria than a place to dine.

Niji Sushi

Niji Sushi
1095 Ellesmere Road
(416) 755-3335

My quest to discover new and interesting restaurants in Toronto knows no bounds. It will even bring me as far as Scarberia! Well, it also helps that I work there (unfortunately).

Niji Sushi is located in a little plaza at the corner of Midland and Ellesmere (!!). For those that don’t venture much north of Bloor or farther east than the DVP, Ellesmere is the street that York Mills turns into and Midland is a few blocks east of Warden (come on you see the stop on the subway).

This narrow restaurant serves up several tasty looking lunch combinations. The one platter I tried was actually called “Lunch Combination” and came complete with tempura (sweet potato, onion, shrimp), 6 sushi rolls (tuna, squid, salmon), glass noodles, plain rice, and a cucumber/radish salad. If that wasn’t enough, the meal started with cold noodles (served in ice), miso soup, seaweed in a spicy reddish sauce, and fried tofu. All of this for only $11.95! After the meal we were even provided with two nicely cut oranges which were served as an aparatif (I think) or maybe it was just desert.

If you are visiting the Scarborough Bluffs for the weekend or for some other reason find yourself in Scarborough (God knows why) make sure to stop by Niji.