About Us

TorontoBrunch.com was launched in 2003 as three friends (Mark Aaron Polger, Aaron Boros, and Wendy Furtenbacher) from different backgrounds, tastes, and interests, came together to write breakfast, brunch, and dinner reviews.  From 2003-2008 Toronto Brunch compiled just under 350 reviews. TorontoBrunch ceased when Mark moved to New York City at the end of the Summer in 2008.


Toronto Brunch came into fruition in the fall of 2001 when Aaron Boros started writing reviews on his personal web site hosted at Geocities.  His friend Mark Aaron Polger just moved to Toronto (in August) and was busy working as a Librarian while attempting to start writing his Master’s thesis.  He enjoyed going to brunch but always stuck to the “under $10 rule” so this limited his choices.  He did not review the places he went to (unlike Aaron) but he expressed interest.  He did compile a list of where he went , the type of cuisine, and where it was located.  He just did not have enough time to develop a web site full of reviews.

Wendy Furtenbacher was the biggest foodie.  While working at IBM Canada in Toronto, Wendy used to dine with friends and frequent trendy dining hot spots on a regular basis and drop $100 at a time on dinner and drinks.   Wendy always had a passion for writing so she expressed much interest to collaborate and add reviews.

The approach to writing reviews at Toronto Brunch is to provide meaningful and valuable content to the web community who love to do brunch in Toronto and for those who want to visit Toronto.  Mark, Aaron, and Wendy love to indulge in different foods from all over the world and they are not afraid to try different foods.  They all have a myriad of tastes and feel it is important to add informative content to the web, especially for brunch-obsessed Torontonians.  They also feel that since they are a team of three, they all have different palates, they come from different backgrounds, and they see the world from a different point of view.   They believe that these differences add value when they review a restaurant.

Although Mark, Aaron, and Wendy focus on reviewing restaurants that serve brunch, they also “branch” off to review dinner, lunch, and dessert spots as well.  TorontoBrunch.com was based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a non-profit site.  The site was funded through Google Ads.

Toronto Brunch Team, 2003-2008
Mark Aaron Polger (The Veggie King)

Aaron Boros (The Brunch Whore)

Wendy Furtenbacher (aka CurdyGirl)

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