Spring Rolls

85 Front St. E.
(416) 365-7655
693 Yonge St.
(416) 972-ROLL (7655)
691 Yonge St.
(416) 972-7655


A very trendy hotspot on Yonge street, one block south of Bloor. Very metallic and industrial looking with cool, linear decor. Tables very close together, people almost hugging each other, cramped in. [Maybe this is a trend]. There is no vegetarian menu so I only had three options, vegetables and tofu and rice noodles called “Ho Fun”. I can choose from a Satay sauce, Szechuan sauce, or a Black Bean sauce.

The many times I have been here I have asked them to hold the noodles since I will only eat the vegetables and tofu. I also order the cold vegetables rolls appetizer which consist of 3 rolls wrapped up in vermicelli, tofu & coriander rolled in wheat wraps. My friend ordered the Cold Mango Rolls that contained julienne mango, vermicelli, vegetables and coriander rolled in wheat wraps. They were super yummy. Since staff are so friendly and accomodating, they brought over some yummy peanut sauce which made my day. Dinner is usually $12-$15 with tax and tip. Plates are enormous but portions are small to normal…Tables are very small and cramped together like sardines. Oh well. Very hip, cool, trendy, the place to be.