Diners Thai

395 Danforth Av
(416) 466-9222

What a serious disappointment. The menu is very large but there is nothing vegetarian. There is a list of dishes with vegetables but the waitress and cooks, (who are seen at the back of restaurant with a perpetual smile) do not know if the food is vegetarian or not.) Ignorance is bliss so don’t bother asking if the food is vegetarian, they certainly do not know what their sauce or dishes are made with.
Most items contain oyster sauce and the only item which seemed truly vegetarian was this boring tasteless tofu stir fry with soy sauce. I was not impressed. The ambiance is nothing special, 6-8 tables, no decor, waiting staff who don’t very much about the food they serve. The menu is very extensive with meat, chicken, pork, and seafod dishes, “house specials,” which mean traditional Thai dishes, an extensive wine and digestif menu, and a small dessert and drink menu. I think there is great potential but the menu is too large, too detailed for the carnivore. There is nothing substantial for the vegetarian. There is a small list of “vegetable” dishes but it does not mean vegetarian. For an appetizer I had fresh cold rolls with rice paper, tofu, carrot, cilantro, in peanut sauce. I ordered six slices and it was very fresh and tasty. For dinner I order Tofu Goreng without oyster sauce. The meal consisted of this muddy, beefy, salty looking sauce with strips of wonderful tofu and sauteed vegetables. It came with Basmati rice, but I did not eat it (waste of carbs). In sum I would not recommend this place for a vegetarian because the waitress and cooks were stringing me along with “I don’t knows” and “I think so” and “yes, it’s completely vegetarian- we think.” Come on.

Prices are between $8.95-$12.95 for meals that are medium sized. Menu is fairly small.