Pappas Grill

440 Danforth Ave,

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Located right in the heart of the Danforth, Pappas Grill serves fresh traditional Greek fare and Italian cuisine as well. Call it Gree-talian or Euro Fusion. Located on two “half” levels, plus a semi-basement dining hall, this spacious restaurant has that “open concept,” “airy.” feel. Those two terms are overused but the space really gives the illusion that Pappas’s Grill is a large place, when in fact, it’s not that big.

The menu is super large with many items. Unfortunately, there are very few vegetarian items. I love the exposed brick surrounding the restaurant, the many plants, art, olive oil decorative bottles, and the high ceilings and windows.

On my first visit I ordered a whole pizza called Hearts and Sole with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. It was yummy but did not have enough tomato sauce for my liking. Pappas Grill also has an extensive wine list and many desserts. There is a wine list but not dessert menu. Each night there are about 5-6 cakes and pies to choose from. Some include chocolate mousse and various cheesecakes.

On my next visit, I decided to avoid pizza since it was not really Greek. I ordered two appetizers; an order of Spanakotiropita- a pie consisting of spinach, leek, feta, and egg wrapped in thin sheet pastry ( known as filo dough). Most places call it Spanokopita. It was super delicious and not too greasy. I also ordered the Eggplant Patriota, which was simply two slices of grilled eggplant with a brushchetta topping, talk about Greek fusion (Greek + Italian).

There are not many vegetarian options as the Vine Leaves (Dolmades or Dolmodakia) are sadly not vegetarian. As well, the Mousaka only comes in the meat version. However, there is an Italian flavour to this Greek establishment as they have a Grilled Vegetable sandwich and a large assortment of pasta dishes.

My cousin ordered a Pork souvlaki that came with salad, rice and roast potatoes. His partner ordered the grilled Atlantic salmon topped with sautéed spinach, served with rice and steamed vegetables and she said it was fabulous.

There is a nice bar on the upper dining level and it overlooks the main floor. The restaurant is very “open concept” High windows make the place very bright and cheerful. The food is very good (according to my cousins) and the overall ambiance is really nice. Prices are between $10.95-$15.95 for most meals. There is an extensive brunch menu for the weekend (Sat/Sun 11am-3pm) and their large lunch menu is only valid Mon-Fri from 11am-3pm.