Tryst Cafe

2197 Queen E
(416) 693-5775

Right in the heart of the Beaches, the storefront resembles a simple bubble tea shop but when you go inside, it is a great place for cheap, fast, fresh Asian fare. The owners work there, a friendly couple who display their menu flat on the table by the cash. You can order directly from the cash, as the place is really casual. It’s really hot in the summer so be warned.

There are only 5 booths with two oversize TV’s, giving this place a very casual place to just have a quick meal or a bubble tea. Most of the meals are light and mostly contain loads of stir fried veggies, with tofu, chicken, or beef. The menu is flexible and the owners are the ones working behind the counter so they seem to care about their customers. The ambiance is a bit on the kitscy side with bright yellow seats and bright yellow and blue walls. Although not pleasant to the eye, the food makes up for the poor taste in decor. Warning: In the summer, the place is quite stuffy and hot, thus the backdoor of the cafe is left open for air to circulate. Food is often between $7.00- $10.00. Expect a bubble tea to be between $4.00 and $5.00. There is often a communication gap between what you order and the price. Noodle dishes are more expensive than rice dishes. The daily special include rice only and are $4.95-$5.95. I order the same dish every time, stir fried veggies with tofu, without rice or noodle for $9.25 including all taxes.

Reviewed by Mark