936 Queen Street West
ph: 416-534-7449

Up until about two years ago, I could not stand ALL Asian food. Chinese, Japanese, Thai and the like just made my stomach turn. On my return back to Toronto after Unversity, something changed. My tastes, as well as my stomach, metastisized in new directions. These days, I cannot have enough Asian food. If someone wants to go for Sushi, I am usually more than game.

One of the more rare types of South Eastern Asian food is Malaysian. The only restaurant I know that identifies as Malaysian is Kei on Queen West, kitty corner from the Mental Health Hospital.

Kei is laid back, casual and delicate. Both times I’ve been there I ordered the exact same thing. Taro chips, tuna and curry rolls to share as an appetizer and “Mom’s Special” for my main course. This dish is essentially chicken and goose liver sausage interspersed in a finely, shaped heap of rice. A side for the dish is another oddity: a carrot crepe. Kei also serves a fine variation on the Lychee martini with what I believe is called Dragon Fruit.

My only complaint about Kei is the limited menu. Nonetheless, the tasty food and mellow atmosphere warrant repeat visits