New Generation Sushi

493 Bloor St. W.
(416) 963-8861

New Generation Sushi is like a second home to my roomate and his girlfriend. The very reasonable prices, large variety and mostly tasty dishes are very attractive to the student population who flock in droves here most nights. Located right on Bloor St., between Bathurst and Spadina near the University of Toronto situates it perfectly to accomodate this market. New Gen (as it is endearingly referred to) , operates like a manufacturing plant by pumping out sushi in record time in the way a Ford plant produces cars. While this may suit their customers, they may want to spend a little more time cleaning the floor as it does leave an impression of “fast food” service.

Regardless of the atmosphere, when I am looking for a quick, cheap, and decent meal I come here and more often than not I am quite satisfied. New Gen was also the first place I learned how to use chopsticks, a must for any sushi eater. My most recent visit to New Gen had me trying a large bowl of rice and teriyaki chicken with shrimp and vegetable tempura. In addition to that, I also had an order of spicy tuna rolls. Someone else at the table ordered the same rolls but we were not particularly impressed when both of our orders came on one plate. Most single orders comprise six rolls of sushi which is not filling enough for an entire meal. I always find it difficult to choose from the vast amount of options available and usually like a combination of tempura and sushi rolls. The teriyaki chicken was too much food and was not very good save for the accompanying teriyaki sauce. I am no sushi connoisseur, but from what I hear the spicy tuna rolls are one of the best things going. These were definitely the most enjoyable part of my meal. The tempura, especially the shrimp was fine but then again when does anything fried taste bad?

I may not come to New Generation for a romantic dinner, and it may not be my second home. But I will continue to return to New Gen as long as the prices are cheap and the sushi still enjoyable.