Katsu Japanese Restaurant

Katsu Japanese Restaurant Phone: (416)466-3388
572 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1R1

Who would have thought that you could find all you can eat made fresh to order at a reasonable price in Toronto? My first sushi experience was very expensive at $80 each for 3 people. I moved to Vancouver shortly thereafter, and found the sushi there to be very fresh, affordable and good, so I was instantly hooked.

So I’ve eaten at katsu Plenty of times, have ordered take out & have taken advantage of the all you can eat buffet. The standard menu is extensive, and the prices are all average, just like the service. The buffet, however, is far better than average. The prices for the buffet start at $8.99 for a Monday-Thursday lunch. The dinner price is higher (Thursday-Saturday $16.99) but, you get far more selection & you get the more expensive sashimi.

They really mean it when they say “all you can eat”, because whatever you don’t eat, you must pay an additional price per piece that you don’t finish. I suspect that’s to prevent against people ordering a lot, then taking the leftovers home in a doggie bag, thus getting a really good deal. The simple solution is just to order as much as you can definitely eat, and order frequently throughout the night. As soon as your plates are empty, they bring another order form for you to fill out. Be careful, it is really easy to overeat at that price, but it will have been worth it.