Curry Twist

3034 Dundas Street West.
Far out west, on the ouskirts of the city lies an area named “The Junction”, home to a lovely little restaurant named Curry Twist. I’ve wanted to try this restaurant for awhile now, but due to its disparate location I’ve avoided it until now. In recent months, I’ve tried to expand the nature of my food wanderings to encompass more parts of the city that I have never been. Having worked in Scarborough, I was able to try a host of restaurants, finding some hidden gems in an otherwise sea of strip malls and chain restaurants. It’s always a pleasure to “discover” new areas of the city you’ve lived in all your life.

After the long haul to get out there, we were greeted to a mix of wonderful Indian spiced aromas upon entering the establishment. The place itself is clean, quiet and altogether a lovely venue for a dining experience. Compared to somewhere like Nataraj, a bustling and busy place which I had visited the week before, Curry Twist offers a much more laid back and somewhat romantic atmosphere.

The service was quick and pleasant. Shortly after we were seated, we decided on an appetizer of bread rolls stuffed with a mixture of spiced potatoes, green peas, fresh coriander and ginger. We shared this simple but tasty dish as well as our mains which consisted of the typical butter chicken and not-as-typical saag paneer. The butter chicken came served in an interesting metal bucket complete with a metal handle and had a rich, creamy tomato flavour. I had never tried the saag paneer before, which appears to be a type of cheese cooked in a strong green sauce. To me, the sauce looked and tasted like a very strong pesto. Both dishes were well prepared with a host of subtle tastes, though they were both missing the usual spiciness I’ve become accustomed to in Indian food.

Altogether, the meal was quick, reasonably priced (about $20 each) and good. My only complaint would be the lack of spice, I like my Indian turned up a notch.