Mocha Mocha

Mocha Mocha
489 Danforth Ave.
(416) 778-7896

I went here with my parents one lazy Saturday morning and enjoyed a fresh fruit crepe with some coffee. The place is small and trendy, tables are close together, and food is colourful, trendy presentation, and kind of expensive.

I usually order the fresh fruit crepe with yogourt ($6.99). The crepe was thin and non-greasy and had some nice fruit and strawberry syrup. I ordered some table syrup but was given a tiny portion, only by request. (They do not give out syrup unless you ask- yes, they’re stingy).

Mocha Mocha serves up light meals, mostly fancy designer salads and sandwiches and some hot meals. Some salads include the wamr brown rice salad with a variety of beans and grains and veggies ($7.35), salad nicoise, Mediterranean salad, avocado salad plate, chicken, tuna, or smoked salmon salad, and a regular house mixed salad. All salads are from $6.95-$8.90

Hot meals include a vegetable strudelt , vegetarian lasagna, chicken enchilladas, bean burrito platter, and the East African cicken stew. Hot meals are all $7.95-$9.95. Sandwiches include the typical and trendy house club, vegetarian club (both $6.99), BLT traditional and BLT with avocado ($5.99 and $6.75), mixed veggies in a pita ($6.50). Other sandwiches include the chicken salad ($5.50), tuna salad ($5.50), egg salad ($4.35), and black forest ham and swiss cheese sandwich ($5.75). Bagels and cream cheese are also served ($2.50). Add lox to it for $6.99.

When I visit Mocha Mocha I always order the spicy chick pea guacamole pita sandwich ($6.50) -a deliciously spicy purree of chick peas and guacamole with mixed vegetables, in a thin pita wrap. I have also ordered the vegetable mozzarella crepe ($8.95) a pizza-like crepe with cheese, tomatoc sauce, eggplant, green and red pepper, zucchini, and green onions, wrapped up in a thin crepe. YUMMY. They also have a variety of fruit crepes (topped with ice cream , frozen yogourt, or whipped cream) , and a ham and cheese and avocado crepe ($6.99-$8.95).

Some of my friends have ordered the vegetarian lasagna ($8.50) which they say is excellent and finish to the last little bits of cheese. The vegetarian bean burrito platter is excellent and filling. ($9.95) as well as the vegetable strudel with salad ($6.99). Mocha Mocha also serves a variety of specialty coffees, desserts, pies, cakes, squares, cookies, brownies, and fruit plates.

All day breakfast is served. Most breakfast items include scrambled eggs and organic toast ($4.75) add bacon ($5.99), add sausage ($6.50), scrambled eggs and lox ($8.99), vegetable omelete ($6.50), Belgian waffle with fruit and frozen yogourt ($6.50), fruit bowl ($3.75), lastly toast or bagle ($1.75).

The setup is as follows: patrons order their food in this cafeteria style cafe and wait for their meals to be served. The food is light, very colourful, fresh, and salads are colourful, funky and trendy. Let me repeat myself: portions are small. Vegetables are cut in funky shapes and most of the food is colourful, healthy, and delicious. My parents ordered the traditional eggs and bacon (for breakfast) and they enjoyed their food, but complained of the small portions. The large plates deceived them, they say. [small portions alert]

The service was quick and the staff were generally friendly. According to Wendy, staff traditionally do not deal well with customer complaints. There is a nice terrace for people watching in the summer. The only drawback is the tables are places closed together so this is not a place for a first date. If you want light food, creative salads and sandwiches and a touch of trend, then Mocha Mocha is for you. Always packed. Accepts all cards.