Niagara St. Café

Niagara St. Café
167 Niagara


This cozy little café is located south of an interesting looking Buddhist Temple just below King St. The outdoor patio was full so we had a seat inside where we waited, and waited, for our food.

Yes, it took quite a while for our meal to arrive but when it did most of the annoyance of the wait was quickly diminished. It was obvious that a lot of effort and love was put into this food. I had the “Eggs Natalie” which consisted of fluffy eggs with spinach served on a delicious warm biscuit with a side of small, crispy potatoes. I think I’m missing an ingredient but it was very well made even if it lacked an eclectic array of tastes. My partner in brunch had one of the specials of French toast covered in sweet, dripping raspberries and similar fruits. There was also a sweet, eggy looking sauce, which I do not know the name of but was also quite delicious. She was duly impressed.

I will probably not have anywhere to visit immediately afterwards the next time I visit Niagara St. Café. I would also choose something different from the wide selection of natural and organic foods on the plentiful menu.