3450 Bathurst St.


Owing to my Hungarian heritage, I was exposed to this type of Eastern European fare at a very early age. Luckily my North American born mother did not allow my over zealous grandmother from forcing the grease riddled breaded chicken down my throat. God knows how that would have affected my already over taxed body type. Kidding aside, I still enjoy the traditional “Poliginta” (better known as a cheese blintz) Bubby will prepare in order to convice me to pay her a visit in her uptown apartment.

With agonizingly slow service, Paprika on Bathurst north of Lawrence offers good home cooked Hungarian eats in a traditionally decorated setting. The restaurant has a very distinct feeling as most of the clientele seems to come from the “old country” and the menu is written in both Hungarian and English.

The standout dish at Paprika is definitely the Schnitzel which one can hear being pounded into form from behind the wall separating the dining area from the kitchen. It is so big, that when it finally comes to the table it actually hangs over the sides of the plate completely covering the potatoes under it. Another personal favourite is the bean soup which is thick and has bits of hot dog in it.

I’m not sure whether to recommnend coming hungry to this restaurant as it takes a long time for the food to arrive; however, you will most certainly need a doggy bag by the time you are done.