19 Mercer Street

Rain’s food is more of an art form than a means to sustain oneself. Each bite should be savoured as it is the last. Not just because it tastes good, but also because it costs so damn much!

You can call me cheap, but it takes a very special occasion for me to spend more than $50 on a meal. I could eat almost as well at home for a quarter of the price. Nevertheless, it is nice to be treated once in a while!

Rain serves a la carte and was not nearly as pretentious as I expected. My dinner consisted of several excellentally prepared dishes consisting of ahi tuna, black cod, lamb tenderloin, bok choy, jasmine rice in a banana lead, noodles and tempura.

That quick description cannot do Rain justice and if I had taken notes I’m sure I could dedicate a paragraph to every part of each dish. However, I am not that type of critic and if you are looking for that I suggest you visit the Toronto Life website for that sort of review.

My only criticism of Rain (besides the price if I had been paying) was that each dish came a little too quickly. We hadn’t stopped fawning over the previous dish before the next one came!