Dragon Dynasty

Dragon Dynasty
2301 Brimley Rd.
(416) 321-9000


I am far from a dim sum expert. In fact, Dragon Dynasty is the first dim sum restaurant I have ever experienced. But if this restaurant was the litmus test, then dim sum could easily become one of my favourite foods. If there is any reason to come to Scarborough besides the Bluffs, Dragon Dynasty is it.

In a large hall that resembles more of a party atmosphere than a restaurant, carts with various foods are wheeled around for you to choose from. The majority of clientele and all of the staff are Asian so the names of the food are yelled out in Chinese and the bill is also written in Chinese. Luckily, I have always gone with two ladies who speak the language so we were able to order properly.

Some of the dishes include: steamed pork and beef ribs, a sweet bread with barbequed pork inside, rice noodles in a peanut and hoisin sauce, rice with very salty and tough pork, liver and duck, shrimp wrapped in rice paper, and veggies wrapped in a bean curd. One of my favourite dishes are two of the deserts. One is a sweet, tapioca pudding and the other is similar but black sesame seeds are cooked and mixed in. Very tasty.