Bistro on Avenue and St. Louis Bar and Grill

1678 Avenue Road
(416) 783-1928

St. Louis Bar
2050 Yonge Street
(416) 480-0202

It was a tradition in high school, that each Tuesday night a bunch of us would head up Avenue Road past Lawrence for half price chicken wings at Bistro. Regardless of the length of the line, we would drool over the fatty wings and delicious creamy “white sauce”.

After University, the tradition continued at St. Louis Bar and Grill on Yonge St. just south of Eglinton. Both restaurants are owned by Louis Nemes and serve the same style wings, fries and sauce.

In the last year or so; however, the tradition has stopped. Partly due to the increasing knowledge that the wings were adversely affecting our body types and partly due to our expanding tastes. The wings are still pretty much the same, but for some reason they just aren’t as good.