Kimling Chinese Restaurant

Kimling Chinese Restaurant
2173 Lawrence Ave. E.

Out in Scarborough, at the nexus of the Universe where Danforth meets St. Clair; I have discovered a “new” type of food.  Hakka Cuisine is a mix of Indian and Chinese. The word “hakka” actually means nomadic, which to me implies a mix when it comes to food. This may not be new for you but I had never heard of this style before.

Out of the few Hakka restaurants I’ve tried, Kimling, located just east of Birchmount on Lawrence, is the best. In a clean, small square room, Kimling offers a wide variety of lunch special dishes for $4.50 + tax. The portions are quite large and equally as filling.

I shared an order of curry chicken and diced chicken with red pepper as well as getting an appetizer plate of vegetable pakoras. The chicken dishes would have been more than enough even though the pakoras were admittedly delicious. I found the curry chicken to be a bit bland though nothing a little bit of hot sauce at the table couldn’t fix. The red pepper chicken was tasty and spiced just right.

If you can’t settle on one Asian cuisine, try them both by eating Hakka.