Pulp Kitchen

Pulp Kitchen
898 Queen Street E
416 . 461 . 4612


Discovering that Bonjour Brioche was closed for a week, we mosied further east along Queen St. for brunch. After a heated debate and coin toss we settled on Pulp Kitchen, a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar.

The restaurant is medium sized, with an open space that separates the tables from the kitchen. The menu is all vegetarian, including an “eggless” omelette and a large selection of interesting juices. I chose the “Beans and Bangers” which I was informed was comprised of sausage and beans. I’m not sure what the sausage was made from but it definitely was not meat.
As I ate my meal, which was generally quite good for hot dogs and beans, I came to realize that something was missing. The menu had definitely claimed that the food came topped with a “corn chutney”; however, much to my dismay I discovered that it simply was not there. This was one of the main reasons I ordered this particular dish as I did not want plain weiners and beans for $7.95. When I pointed out my discovery to the less than pleasant waitress, I was informed that they had run out. There was no apology and she only said that there would be an “adjustment” on the bill which amounted to a whole dollar. Suffice it to say, I was less than pleased with the service we received and the meal I did not order.
There is nothing that irks me more in a restuarant then unpleasant staff and getting an order right.