Just Thai

534 Church
(416) 928-9100


Located right in the heart of the gay ghetto right at Church and Maitland. It definitely does not look like a typical Thai restaurant. As my roomate Paulo says, it was very Asian in decor with contemporary designed tables and chairs, clean lines, small tables, minimalist decor, white walls, minimalist design, mixture of wood panelling on the ceiling with bamboo curtains used as decorative wall coverings. It looked like a dimly lit Martini bar. It had some industrial influences in decor and overall design of restaurant.

Just Thai has a large bar with a large variety of wines, beers, apperitif and digestitifs, beautifully displayed. The kitchen is hidden in back. It oddly plays club music, very much looks like Byzantium, a trendified fusion restaurant that, after 11pm, turns into a Martini Bar and/or danceclub.

I ordered the vegetarian hot and sour soup [YUMMA] with chunks of tofu, vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and the broth was thick and very spicy. For my drink I ordered a typical overpriced Diet Coke for $2.00, served in a small glass. For my main dish, I ordered the Avocado and Tofu Vegetarian stir fry in a peanut sauce. I could barely taste the peanut sauce but there was substantial avocado but not enough tofu and I had trouble tasting the peanut sauce ($9.99). Overall the entire dish was fabulous but portions were small. Dish did not come with rice.

Paulo ordered the calamari (fried squid) and “Traditional” Pad Thai with shrimp, chicken, and tofu, egg, Thai noodles, crushed peanuts, and some vegetables. He said both dishes were very good. I think the Calamari was $8.95 and the Pad Thai was $14.95. I’d definitely go back to Just Thai in the future.