Herbs [Wendy]

3187 Yonge Street

Mark and I went to Herbs as part of Summerlicious. I chose the restaurant as there were both meat & veggie friendly options.

The restaurant opens at 5:30 for dinner which is good if you have to be elsewhere at 7, however, I should have warned them about my time constraints.

The décor was beautiful, lush & full of soft textures everywhere, including the faux-suede bench with fluffy pillows we were seated at. There was even fabric hanging from the ceiling.

Things started off well, with the one exception of the bread offering. This guy comes over to us with a basket of bread, offering us some, & I optimistically thought we’d get the basket or at least a few pieces * my mistake! We got one sliver of baguette each & a little tub of herbed butter. I guess there’s something to be said for not filling up on bread, but come on!

For my appetizer I opted for chilled sweet pea soup with goat’s cheese croute. Basically, that’s fancy for cold pea soup with a cute little toast smothered with goat cheese floating on it. It was ok, but I would probably choose something else next time. It needed some zip to it!. I also ordered a pricey glass of rose to complement my meal. It was good.

For my entrée, I selected the Atlantic salmon on sauteed gnocchi, French green beans, cherry tomatoes & spinach with a warm caper olive & lemon sauce. Oh my! This was an awesome dish, very fantastically yummy & totally filling. I was so stuffed after this, but happy. I’d re-order this dish any day. The portion size was decidedly sufficient.

We got an order of each of the desserts on the menu & shared them. I focused on the strawberry pudding/mousse-like creation with crème fraiche & a raspberry sauce which was great & Mark focused on a key lime mousse cake with a crust he adored.

Herbs would be a good place to bring someone if you wanted an upscale dining experience & want to impress someone. I could not afford to dine there nightly, but I’m sure that’s the point * it’s someplace special.