Morning Glory

457 King East
416 703 4728


Morning Glory is a hidden little gem located in Corktown, a downtown neighbourhood on King Street E. near Cherry St. With a bright orange sign it stands apart as one of the only restaurants along the King east strip between Parliament and Cherry St. is a cute little neighbourhood has huge potential but is in dire need of a makeover. Morning Glory is a 3 person


operation in one small room about the size of your living room on King Street East near Cherry street. With a small menu focusing on breakfast items and

baked good, this place is not really veggie friendly but prices are really good and portions are large. With only 3 veggie items for breakfast, (granola and

fruit with yogourt), Pancakes (changes daily: Apple, Banana, etc.), French toast with syrup, and Rosti, a shredded potato and onion mixture. With a hip and

cool crowd and an “organic” “grass roots” decor, I was disappointed with the lack of veggie items.

Morning Glory is opened 6 days per week 8a-3pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and brunch is served Sat/Sun 9am-3pm. Baked muffins are available during the week and baked cakes/squares are

available on the weekend. For my meal, i ordered the granola, fruit, and yogourt, which claimed to be “hearty” but was not. It had diced apples, mango, and

granola, with yogourt, and a tiny cup of maple syrup on the side. My brunch companion ordered the omelete in a roasted red pepper and goat cheese sauce with

a side order of rosti, which was replaced by a side order of greens. You can substitute salad for rosti but they will not make egg white omeletes because

they do not have the resources/equipment and they are simply too busy.

Breakfast includes BLT with homemade aoili & ketchup – $5.00, the dubstyle (cream cheese, crispy bacon and tomato on a baguette) – $5.00
omelette of the day – $8.00, eggs, toast and rosti – $5.50, eggs, cottage cheese and greens – $6.50, french toast and fruit – $7.50, and granola with yogurt

and fruit – $6.00

Sandwiches include the morning glory tuna salad, mennonite ham & cheese, and 3 cheese grilled cheese. All sandwiches are $7.50 and come with a cup of soup

or side salad. Soups change daily and come in cup ($2.50) or bowl varieties ($4.00) and are served with fresh baked bread. All soups are vegan and they

change daily. Some soups include spring veggie, tomato and corn, and potato and leek, and Lentil. They have a full service espresso bar ($1.50-$2.75).

There are daily specials like curries or stews and the omeletes change every few days. Some omeletes include arugula and brie omelette, sauteed leek and

havarti, roasted red pepper and goat cheese, pear and brie omelete.

The decor is simple with plain white walls, one long church bench spanning the entire length of the restaurant and holds about 7 small tables. Along the

other side, there are about 3 more tables. The minimalist design, funky artwork on the walls, and several old antique mirrors give the overall appearance of

the place “homey”, “quaint”, and “cosy”. They have a daily blog on their web site that is up to date with daily menu specials and commentary. Service is

friendly and fast. Bathrooms are downstairs and are satisfactory and clean. Accepts cash only. Open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8am-3pm, Sat/Sun brunch 9am-3pm. Closed Wed.