Tulip, The

1606 Queen E
(416) 469-5797


I have only heard of good things from the Tulip. This review is not intended to bash the restaurant whatsoever. Situated at the cusp of the Western Beaches at Queen East and Coxwell, it is only a short distance from Ash Bridges Bay and the Beaches.

The Tulip is a nice cosy diner that has that neighbourhood feel. It is known to be THE place for steaks in Toronto. Steaks are quoted as being “the juiciest and best” in Toronto. I have not had a steak since thwe age of 16 so I am not familiar on how to rate a steak.

I do know from my visit to the Tulip is that is it popular, and that people love it. The place was crowded that cold rainy Sunday in early 2003. There were line ups from the time we got in until the time we ended our meal. Unfortunately, I was not aware that this place was a steakhouse.

I was disappointed to find out that there was nothing on the menu for vegetarians. Personally, this was a nightmare since I was very hungry. The place is known for its famous steak and traditional breakfasts at very affordable prices. Not trendy or pretentious, but expect lineups from 10am-12pm.

I enjoyed a healthy vegetable salad from the dinner menu, pretty pathetic considering the place is well known for breakfasts. I was surprised that there was no cereal, oatmeal, egg whiete omeletes, or granola and fruit.

Some famous items from the Tulip include the bacon and scrambled eggs, hash browns, burgers, cheeseburgers, fries with the special “Tulip” gravy, fried mushrooms. grilled chicken breast sandwich, and liver and onions. Eye magazine calls the burgers are “fat, impeccably seasoned, juicy and delicious.” If this place is all about traditional breakfasts (eggs, bacon, etc), steaks, and burgers, this is not the place for me.

The decor is dated back to the 1970’s. Restaurant staff are friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, this place is not suited for vegetarians.