Mystic Muffin

Mystic Muffin
113 Jarvis St.
(416) 941-1474


The main attraction of Mystic Muffin is actually its owner: Elias Makhoul. With a penchant for hilarious stories, and witty anecdotes, Elias puts a smile on each customer’s face as he expertly prepares a variety of sandwiches with a middle east flair.

Like “Salad King” (see Salad King review), the restaurant’s name has everything to with poor marketing and absolutely nothing to do with the food. Also like Salad King, you line up to place your order and can partake in some friendly banter. But that is where the similarities end.

Completely unlike Salad King, Mystic Muffin serves up a tasty falafel. Be sure to add some hummous, fried eggplant and even some potatoes to the mix for a well packed pita. There is also a good veggie combination platter to try. I recall one visit to Mystic Muffin when Elias was leaving to his native Lebanon for a vacation. He scooped out the remaining hummous and gave it to me to take home in a styrofoam container.

The ambience of Mystic Muffin is somewhat bleak so I would suggest taking your meal out; however you can also enjoy Elias’ good nature during your meal if you decide to stay.