Rugelah Challenge, The

The Rugelah Challenge

Rugelah is a traditional Jewish desert that consists of rolled dough and cream cheese and is filled with different delights. My favourite type of rugelah is definitely chocolate; however it comes in all sorts including raisin, cinnamon, and fruit. Rugelah is sold in many Jewish-style bakeries throughout the city, but it is not particularly cheap and usually costs in upwards of $10 per pound.

It is a family tradition that each weekend; before traveling two hours north to the family cottage in Huntsville; one member of the family (usually my mother) picks up a fresh batch of rugelah. It is almost always devoured within the first night of the weekend.

One weekend, my family decided to hold a blind taste test of three different samplings of rugelah from various bakeries in the city. The three bakeries chosen to participate in this challenge were: Haymishe Bagel (3031 Bathurst st – 416-781-4212), What a Bagel (3500 Bathurst St. – 416-785-7222), and Longo’s (York Mills and Leslie).

In my mind, I thought Haymishe would easily win this challenge due to the delicious Jewish fare I am accustomed to consuming there. However, after each member of the family tasted each rugelah without prior knowledge to which one was which it turned out Longo’s was the victor.

I must admit this challenge is a bit skewed since it did not include probably the most famous Jewish Bakery in Toronto: Harbord Bakery. I promise to include Hardbord in the next challenge and update this review.