Easy [guest review]

1645 Queen Street West
phone number: 416-537-4893


Parkdale is the venue and the peanut butter shake* is the main attraction or
should I say only attraction. Upon entering this neat half dinner half
hipster joint, I quickly scanned the room and noticed about 10 wannabe
celebrities (including myself) – wearing super-sized glasses and lulu lemon
baseball caps. The place was packed except for one four-seater in the
window, which had not been cleared yet. Making small talk with my three
friends, we waited 12-15 minutes for someone to clear the table.

The much anticipated lineup of shakes was very impressive. Mango and the
peanut butter stood out for me. I ordered the mango and it was a poor
decision. Weak in thickness and way too cold… yes cold – I like my shakes
brisk but not cold, allowing for slurping large amounts quickly. I tasted my
girlfriend’s peanut-butter shake and it was a work of art, the best shake I
have ever tasted. In fact I found myself obsessing about how good the shake
was while carring on polite conversation with my fellow brunchers. For the
main course I ordered a wannabe burrito, which looked so tasty yet it failed
to excite any saliva action in my mouth. It was dry and flakie and resembled
a leather chamois.

My suggestion is to go for the best shake you will ever have, but make sure
to wear your lulu outfit if you want to get good service.

*In the early nineties marketers replaced the word “shake” with the word
“smoothie” because it sounded healthier.

– Frank