Easy [Mark Aaron]

 1645 Queen Street West
phone number: 416-537-4893

On Sunday January 7th, 2006 my friend Daniel moved into his new condo at Queen and Bathurst. After a 3 hour move, we all decided to celebrate with brunch in funky Parkdale. We were going to go to Mitzi’s but the lineup was crazy as hell. Pathetic how on Sunday afternoon it is almost impossible to compete for a brunch table. This is not New York City but I wish I lived there sometimes. Sunday afternoon Torontonians go brunch crazy and flock from their boring suburban haven to places where they would never roam during the week, like Parkdale, Queen East, or Queen West. Even a friend of mine and her hubby live in Woodbridge and they consider it an outing to venture to the Danforth for a nice Greek meal. I will never move to the suburbs for fear that Parkdale and The Danforth will be considered special outings. I want access to these funky urban neighbourhoods and I am happy I live downtown. I do enjoy going from time to time to the suburbs (i.e. the COSTCO at Dufferin and Wilson) but the suburbs are my outing.

After Mitzi’s rejected us, I begged the crew to try Easy since Aaron had gone there and he loved it. Easy is a small and funky brunch place/diner in Parkdale at Queen and Roncesvalles. Easy is named the 1960’s movie Easy Rider. Decor looks like the diner from Happy Days with 1950’s and 1960’s movie posters and images of a rugged diner with the theme of motorcycles, toughness, and testosterone. Easy is pretty small, with old 1950’s style diner tables and booths huddled very close together. Specializes in brunch items like eggs, omeletes, and extra large and thick smoothies (try the chocolate peanut butter smoothie) and the mango smoothie looks smashing. They also serve many other brunch items like burritos with salad. I ordered the tostadas (deep fried corn tortilla) with black beans, salsa, and veggies. Daniel had the breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and bacon and veggies with a side order of salad. Paulo had the eggs overeasy with bacon, sausage, homefries, side order of salad, and toast, and Rob had the omelete with home fries, side order of salad, bacon or sausage, anf toast. . I would have preferred a veggie burrito with black beans and veggies, but oh well, people make mistakes. They also have my signature brunch dish (that i try to avoid) organic granola with fruit and yogourt. They also serve massively thick and large mango smoothies as well as their classic peanut butter and chocolate “to die for” smoothies which I chose not to have (Daniel was treating us for brunch and smoothies were almost $5). They only accept cash (like Mitzi’s), which sucks the bag. Expect a 15-20 minute lineup on the weekend

Easy [guest review]

1645 Queen Street West
phone number: 416-537-4893


Parkdale is the venue and the peanut butter shake* is the main attraction or
should I say only attraction. Upon entering this neat half dinner half
hipster joint, I quickly scanned the room and noticed about 10 wannabe
celebrities (including myself) – wearing super-sized glasses and lulu lemon
baseball caps. The place was packed except for one four-seater in the
window, which had not been cleared yet. Making small talk with my three
friends, we waited 12-15 minutes for someone to clear the table.

The much anticipated lineup of shakes was very impressive. Mango and the
peanut butter stood out for me. I ordered the mango and it was a poor
decision. Weak in thickness and way too cold… yes cold – I like my shakes
brisk but not cold, allowing for slurping large amounts quickly. I tasted my
girlfriend’s peanut-butter shake and it was a work of art, the best shake I
have ever tasted. In fact I found myself obsessing about how good the shake
was while carring on polite conversation with my fellow brunchers. For the
main course I ordered a wannabe burrito, which looked so tasty yet it failed
to excite any saliva action in my mouth. It was dry and flakie and resembled
a leather chamois.

My suggestion is to go for the best shake you will ever have, but make sure
to wear your lulu outfit if you want to get good service.

*In the early nineties marketers replaced the word “shake” with the word
“smoothie” because it sounded healthier.

– Frank

Easy Restaurant and Catering

1645 Queen Street West
phone number: 416-537-4893

After catching two movies at the Toronto International Film festival I made my way west (far west!) on Queen to Roncesvalles where Easy is located. It was 3 p.m. and I wasn’t sure brunch was still being served, but fortunately we were in luck.

A medium sized room that characterizes most trendy brunch places in Toronto was still relatively full at this time of the day. The menu was varied, ranging from your traditional eggs, bacon, and toast to the more lavish Spanish named meals. Of course, I couldn’t let something called Huevos Divorciados pass my by (especially having only eaten multigrain toast with low fat peanut butter and sugarless jam that day). This delectable meal came with two sunny-side up eggs served on a corn tortilla, with spicy salsa, guacamole, refried beans, black beans, home fries, and a salad. If that wasn’t enough I ordered a “Power Peanut” smoothie which consisted of cholocate, banana, and peanut butter. Suffice it to say, I was stuffed at the end of this one.