St-Viateur Bagels

263 St-Viateur west
(514) 276-8044


This renowned Montreal landmark has been in business since 1957. Located right on St. Viateur across from Arahova in the Mile End neighbourhood, this place is so busy making bagels for all of Montreal and other cities in Canada, they stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I’ve been eating St. Viateur bagels since I was a kid. The big debate in Montreal is : Which bagel is better. I must admit I do not have much exposure to the competitor “Fairmount” having eaten St. Viateur all of my lfie. When I taste them side by side, I always thought they tasted identical. The uniqueness of Montreal bagels is that they are boiled in honey water, then baked in wood burning ovens. Bagels are tasty and somewhat healthy but unfortunately, they are equivalent t 4 slices of bread.

There is no place to sit as it’s literally the baking premises for all of Montreal and beyond. St Viateur also delivers to Ottawa and Toronto. They are open 24 hours and you can buy bagels by the dozen, half dozen, or singles. You can buy a spread (hummus, white fish spread, herring, tzatziki, smoked salmon (lox) and cream cheese, as well as an assortment of sodas, juices, Jewish desserts, like Jewish style cakes, pies, and danishes. Only accepts cash