Rhodes (changed to Didier)

03/2007-changed to Didier
1496 Yonge Street
(416) 968-9315

A cool jazz bar and bistro. Serves oysters, calamri, mussels, chicken, fish, and other meat dishes. My friend had a hearty bowl of mussels in a tomato sauce and his mother had a plate of calamari. I ordered a plate of grilled vegetables. The service was prompt but the waitress was pushy, not accomodating, not flexible, and very rude. I would never go back to Rhodes in my life.

The prices are high and the live entertainment is way at the back of the restaurant in the smoking section. The front of the restaurant is far removed from the music and so it was difficult to enjoy the live show.

The decor is quite lovely with stained wood, beautiful wall furnishings made of wood and the pub (in front) was furnished with beautiful leather chairs and the bar was a deep mahoganey wood. The back of the restaurant was difficult to see but it looked spacious, smoky, and contained about 20 dining tables. My grilled vegetables were very tasty, in skewers with a balsamic viniagrette, but the portions were too small and there were no vegetarian meal options. My friend thoroughly enjoyed his plate of mussels and his mum enjoyed her calamari. The bill came out to $65.00 for three people: RIP OFF FROM HELL!