Marche Movenpick (now Richtree markets)

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A paradise of food, a marketplace of wonderful dishes, pasta, soups, stir fries, grilled vegetables, wine and beer, farm fresh fruit and vegetables, heavenly desserts from chocolate truffles to orgasmic crepes and Belgiam waffles, and gift items like chocolate, candy, and boxed coffee and tea. There is something for everyone here.

This place serves a large variety that pleases even the most finicky eaters. Food ranges from steak and potatoes to pizza to pasta to mussels and seafood to healthy salads and grilled vegetables.

The game goes as follows: you enter this martketplace and the waiter hands you a ticket and a map of all food kiosks. Your ticket is your credit card for all of the food in this market. You are warned not to lose the ticket or else you will have to pay $100 or wash the dishes for a couple of days. You freely visit any food kiosk and choose whatever food you want to eat. You choose a plate size and vendors stamp your card and then you pay for your dinner at the end of the evening. In total, you will get charged over 30% in tax which sucks. [This includes the PST + GST]

The only disadvantage is that the place is noisy and it almost feels like a glorified food court. You hardly ever dine with your friends or family because someone is either eating or getting up to get more food. It is rare to have everyone at the table all at once

I always enjoy the same thing, a medium size plate of lentil salad with sesame oil and veggies and grilled mushrooms and zucchini and eggplant along with a corn salad and chick pea salad. I also order from the antipasto bar: grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini, grilled mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes ($2.99 per 100 g)

I sometimes order a “made-to-order” fruit smoothie with bananas, strawberries, and other fruit. I can only complain that Marche Movenpick is damn expensive (because of the tax) There is underground parking.

Decor is like a closed in market with artificial plants, trees, waterfalls,
Water is served in a beautiful, kitschy fountain right by the entrance of the restaurant. Be warned, some nights there are lineups with waits up to one hour. Liquor licensed. Accepts all cards. A few locations across Toronto. Open 365 days per year from 7:30am-2:30am.

Fresh by Juice for Life

Old location:
521 Bloor W, (416) 531-2635

894 Queen Street West

New location on Bloor Street West :
326 Bloor Street West
147 Spadina Avenue

 Web site:, now (2009)-

Funky, colourful, cool, totally vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant in the Annex, and another satellite location on Queen West. The food is expensive and completely vegetarian or vegan. The decor is trendy, busy, tables close together with little room to move around. The ambiance is funky and trendy. The tables are plain and the seats are hard and slightly uncomfortable.

There is a wide selection of fruit and vegetable juices and power smoothies and if you choose to dine alone, you can eat at the bar. I usually order a Power shake like the Chai Chiller, or the Date Almond Super Powershake, or the Blueberry Dreams. All shakes contain vanilla soy milk, bananas, other fruits, some protein and vitamin supplments, and other ingredients. I have been a frequent visitor to Juice for Life and I have always loved their shakes. 16oz shakes are $4.95, Super powershakes 16 oz are $5.95 and the larger sizes are $8.95 and $9.95 respectively. For my meal, there are items like a variety of funky salads, similar to Montreal’s Cafe Santropol and a variety of soups, salads, chili, veggie burgers, and fabulous, unique, and funky rice and noodle dishes. They also serve alcoholic drinks like beer and wine.

There are spicy Thai veggie burgers with Thai peanut sauce smothered on a veggie burger, and a variety of red bean, black bean, and Indian style chick pea wraps. If you want to add tofu steaks or a side of grilled tempeh, it costs an extra $1.00.

The average price for lunch and dinner entrees are the same $7.95-$10.95 and that’s expensive for a rice or noodle dish. Most of the dishes comprise of rice and a medley of vegetables. Some dishes I love are “The Beach”, “The Buddha”, “Ninja”, “Dragon” “Green Goddess”, “The Warrior”. There are a variety of delicious wraps: “The Kathmandu Wrap”, “The Black Bean Burrito”, “Red Bean Adzuki Wrap”, and the “Grilled Vegetable Wrap”. It’s important to add grilled tofu steaks or grilled tempeh if these dishes do not offer them. The grilled tofu and grilled tempeh is “to die for.” Some of the dishes are distinctly Asian and some are Indian in flavour.

The restaurant used to have a more “political” feel, that is, animal rights propaganda used to be placed on the walls and there are some anti-meat posters alongside the juice bar. Since opening its first restaurant on Bloor near Bathurst in the Annex (in 1995) the animal rights propaganda has literally disappeared over the years. As of 2004, there are other “Fresh by Juice For Life” locations at Queen near Spadina, and Queen near Shaw (where the old brunch place “Triple X” used to be. Since 1995, the Juice for Life has since changed brands to “Fresh by Juice for Life” and has basically become mainstream, with proper tables, booths, and fancy mirrors and cool and funky artwork on the walls.

There are a couple of booths in the back but most of the restaurant are composed of tables. The restaurant staff are eccentric and funky and most of the clientele are students or artists in their late 20’s. The food is fresh, portions are decent, but the prices are high for the type of food in this trendy, hip eatery.

Grapefruit Moon

968 Bathurst Street
(416) 534-9056

Grapefruit Moon is a neighbourhood spot north of the Annex, at Bathurst near Dupont, owned and operated by the Moon sisters. They have a liquor license. It?s friendly, relaxed and has a warm neighborhood feel. Music, food, service and prices are all affordable.

It has a limited menu with a few selections. Only contains between three to five tables and serves home cooked food. Serves mostly vegetarian selections and the menu is quite small but there is much diversity in the selections.

Some vegetarian options include carrot ginger soup, quesadillas with choice of fillings, organic salad, veggie burgers, TLT’s – tempeh, lettuce and tomato sandwiches.

Funky, artsy decor and nice outdoor terrace (summer). Special brunch available on weekends. Highly recommend for the couple seeking a quiet intimate setting.

Friendly Thai, The

500 Queen W
(416) 366-1221

Very funky, exotic ambiance, dimly lit, soothing, calm, atmosphere. They have a variety of mildly spicy, spicy, and very spicy authentic Thai dishes with many vegetarian selections. On my first visit to The Friendly Thai in September 2001, I ordered the vegetable stir fry with cashews and the portion was large and there were so many vegetables, it was a paradise for me. The sauce was wonderful and I was quite full. On my other visits, I had the vegetarian hot and sour soup which was very piping hot, very spicy and very fresh and flavourful. I then had the green vegetarian curry ( they also serve a red curry) with tofu and vegetables. Portions are decent and the food is fresh and tasty. Most items contain fish sauce or anchovy paste so if you are vegetarian, please notify staff. They are very accomodating.

Prices are reasonable, some below $10.00 but expect to pay between $10-$15 a plate. Very large menu with a vegetarian section. Many locations in the city but surprisingly does not have that “restaurant chain” ambiance. This particular location is in the heart of Queen West between Spadina and Bathurst.


1085 Bathurst Street

Annapurna, located right at Bathurst and Dupont, in the upper Annex, is considered one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Canada. They serve healthy vegetarian and vegan food in Indian and Italian style. Some items to mention are three soups made fresh everyday, including French onion soup. Other dishes include the Masala Dosa, a south-Indian crepe filled with spicy potatoes, lentil puree, served with coconut chutney. They also have fresh fruit smoothies (lassis) made with yogourt, soya milk, or fruit only. I have ordered a medly or Indian dishes here and have always left feeling happy, light, and refreshed. This food will not make you feeling bloated and full but feeling energized as the food is light and healthy.

As mentioned on other reviews, Annapurna has been serving tofu and bean sprouts before it became North American trendy.

Decor is plain and simple, in a cosy, intimate dining area of less than ten tables, surrounded by books and literature on meditation, spirituality, in an earthy green and earth-toned decor. The menu is contains food that is additive-free, low salt and low fat.

The food is cheap, vegetarian, flavourful, and very creative. I ordered the daily special – a plate of soy spaghetti with a zesty tomato sauce. It was about $5.95. They have Indian drinks called Lassis (a yogourt shake with mango, plain sweet, or plain salty) and some traditional Indian dishes. They also serve non-Indian vegetarian dishes as well. Every dish is made so healthy, light, and fresh, one may forget that this place is vegetarian. This place is non-political, non-ideological, and not trendy. Prices are quite low ($5-$8 for an entree).