1255 Bay St.
Phone: 416 964 2333

please note the change of spelling from the former Eggstacy (Church and Carleton) to Eggstasy (Bay and Yorkville)

Eggstacy’s original incarnation at Church and Carlton was great. While it may not have been the best brunch in the city: the huge portions, campy menu item names, flirtatious waiters (see original review) and generally fun and carefree attitude made it a helluva good and filling place to be. Recently, the owners of Eggstacy split up, with the original location changing its name to “Daybreak” and brand new Eggstacy opening up on Bay St. directly adjacent to Yorkville.

Curious to see what the changes were, I sauntered (yes walked) over on a gray Sunday morning and met Mark for a socially acceptable 11:15am brunch. First off, the place was packed with a generally upscale, good looking yet not particularly “hip” crowd?.. well it is Yorkville you have to remember. After a brief wait, we were seated right next to another couple finishing their own meal. The d飯r of the restaurant was sharp and clean yet didn’t particularly hold much interest nor carry a feeling of the hominess that my favourite brunch places do.

While the ambiance had dramatically changed from the original Eggstacy, the menu, from what I can recall, was almost exactly the same. The camp names of the large variety of omelets and frittatas like “The Forest Hill” (smoked salmon, capers, onions etc…) remained as did the portions. Well at least for my meal. While Mark substituted the accompanying toast, potatoes (choice of fries, hash browns or mashed), and two pancakes (this is correct: all three of these items come with any omelet that is ordered) for a side salad. My portion ended up being about 2-3 times the size of his. So a note for those on a carb-lite diet: don’t eat here!

My “Capn’ Crunch” omelet consisting of gooey cheddar, peameal bacon and? another ingredient that I can’t remember was average as was the accompanying aforementioned items. Despite this mediocrity, taken together you can’t really go wrong at brunch with that much food on your plate. Free refills of coffee and pop doesn’t hurt either. Both the hostess and our waitress were cheerful and attentive, answering Mark’s requisite thousand questions with glam and gusto.

While the new Eggstacy has lost much of the charm the old venue had, it still cranks out a massive plate of food that will keep you going right through to dinner.

Amore Trattoria

 2425 Yonge St. 
Tel: (416) 322-6184

Amore Trattoria is a traditional Italian eatery located in the heart of the Yonge and Eglinton yuppie ghetto. Located on 2 levels in an open concept dining space, Amore is decorated with a minimalist design with a Mediterranean colour scheme, with very few paintings on the wall, with small tables huddled close together. Ambiance is calm, romantic, and dim lighting. This is the perfect place to bring a date.

Amore’s simple one page menu offers mouth watering salads (insalata), pastas, thin crust gourmet pizza, zuppa (soups), mains, and decadent desserts. Mains are priced from $12.95-$16.95.

Amore serves traditional pasta dishes like Penne Pollo, Presto Pesto, pastas with cream-based sauces, Prima Veras, Arrabiatas, and Bolognese. Amore serves dishes “tapas” style so patrons are encouraged to order an appetizer, salad, main, and dessert. This gets to be expensive, though.

Also serves ultra thin gourmet pizzas and you can even build your own pizza (Il Fornello style) . Also offers a spelt flour option for the crust.

For our dishes, I started with a homemade vegetarian minestrone soup with red kidney beans, potato pieces, carrots, zucchini, and other veggies, in a rich tomato broth. For my main, I ordered an ultra thin spelt flour pizza with grilled eggplant, zucchini, sundried tomatoes with mozzarella oozing with a pesto and tomato sauce mix. Justine had the fettucine with a cream sauce with mushrooms that resembled Alfredo sauce.

Amore appears almost identical to Il Fornello where it tries very hard to be authentic in a trendy way. They serve thin crust pizza but also offer “healthy” options like whole wheat and spelt. Price range is similar to Il Fornello and expect that your pizza will cost more if you add extra veggies, sauce, or any other gourmet type additions like roasted red peppers, pesto, garlic,and other yuppified ingrediants. Pasta dishes come fresh and piping hot. Portions are decent and wine is served the traditional way, in cups! Waitress was very accomodating as Justine and I together can be a nightmare for any waiter or waitress in Toronto. Dim lighting and minimalist decor makes this place a perfect setting for a date. I must admit that I was not full and I was worried since I had the Toronto International Marathon the next day and I think my pizza did not have enough carbs to sustain me, but it was DAMN GOOD! I would definitely go back and try other pizza combinations.

Amore is opened Mon-Thu 11:30am-10:30pm, Fri 11:30am-11:00pm, Sat 10:30am-11:00pm, Sun 10:30am-10:00pm. Accepts all cards. Serves Sunday brunch. Liquor license.