Dos Amigos

1201 Bathurst
(416) 534-2528

The closest I’ve come to Mexico was spending one day in a run down border town adjacent to Arizona. That experience, coupled with a few visits to California where authentic Mexican food abounds, have greatly influenced my appreciation for this often overlooked cuisine. Finding authentic Mexican food in Toronto is somewhat of a challenge. I guess Toronto’s diversity does not extend to Mexicans, but I was unable to locate a decent Mexican restaurant until I happened upon Dos Amigos.

A dark, mood oriented atmosphere is apparent in this finely decorated establishment. Though this isn’t the best fit for dining with my grandmother, I can still appreciate the soft Mexican music playing in the background.

On my first visit here, I decided to be a tad daring and tried the mole chicken. For those unaware, mole chicken comes bathed in a chocolatey sauce. That’s correct, chicken and chocolate. Don’t think Oh Henry’s chocolate when you think of mole chicken but more of a semi-sweet chocolate mixed with other ingredients that accompany the chocolately taste. Maybe it is because I am a chocolate lover but I absolutely adore this dish. Served with the requisite rice and refried beans, Dos Amigo’s mole chicken was a fabulous introduction to this dish. I have since taken up preparing mole chicken myself, though admittedly I am using store bought pre-prepared mole and chipotle sauce.

My second visit to Dos Amigos I also opted for a little adventure by ordering the “all meat dish”. That is not exactly what it is called but if you see the menu you will know what I am referring to here. Basically this dish contained a variety of different meat products including steak, chicken and sausage. Honestly, there was just too much meat in my gullet to handle. Wait a sec, that didn’t come out right.