Niji Sushi

Niji Sushi
1095 Ellesmere Road
(416) 755-3335

My quest to discover new and interesting restaurants in Toronto knows no bounds. It will even bring me as far as Scarberia! Well, it also helps that I work there (unfortunately).

Niji Sushi is located in a little plaza at the corner of Midland and Ellesmere (!!). For those that don’t venture much north of Bloor or farther east than the DVP, Ellesmere is the street that York Mills turns into and Midland is a few blocks east of Warden (come on you see the stop on the subway).

This narrow restaurant serves up several tasty looking lunch combinations. The one platter I tried was actually called “Lunch Combination” and came complete with tempura (sweet potato, onion, shrimp), 6 sushi rolls (tuna, squid, salmon), glass noodles, plain rice, and a cucumber/radish salad. If that wasn’t enough, the meal started with cold noodles (served in ice), miso soup, seaweed in a spicy reddish sauce, and fried tofu. All of this for only $11.95! After the meal we were even provided with two nicely cut oranges which were served as an aparatif (I think) or maybe it was just desert.

If you are visiting the Scarborough Bluffs for the weekend or for some other reason find yourself in Scarborough (God knows why) make sure to stop by Niji.


154 Cumberland
(416) 964-8665

Believe me, I try to like Sushi places but there is absolutely nothing for a complete vegetarian who is on a low carb diet . I found myself trapped with nothing to eat. My friend, who is vegetarian, but eats rice, had a medley of vegetarian sushi platters like
vegetable tempura (deep fried, battered vegetables) , deep fried tofu, and various vegetarian sushi dishes. I found myself trying out the six pieces of vegetarian sushi with tofu or carrot in the middle of the piece of sushi. I enjoyed the typical pickled ginger or green horseradish garnish but I was more hungry after my meal than before. The complimentary tea is a good element to this dinner. Food is fresh and service is pleasant, and prompt. Platters are $18.95 and portions are large. Entrees are between $6.95 and $8.95 and those portions are small. Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want to be full.

Sakawaya Japanese Bistro

867 Danforth Av
(416) 778-6894

Sakawaya is a Japanese bistro at the corner of Danforth and Jones (my ‘hood). The place is quite cosy, sitting only about ten tables. although I’ve only been about three or times, I can remember eating many appetziers to get full since I do not eat the vegetarian sushi (I stay away from rice). The deep fried tofu is simply delicious, the miso soup is excellent, rich and aromatic. For the picky vegetarian, I usually order some Japanese snacks like grilled vegetables, deep fried tofu steaks, miso soup, and more vegetables on skewers. Ordering 2-3 appetizers add up to $12-$15 but it’s like ordering a full meal.

Complete meals including drinks, dessert, and appetizer are $30 per person, including all taxes and tip. Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 pm to 1 am, Sunday 5 to 10:30 pm. Closed Monday and holidays.