Chopan Kabab [Chopan Kebab] [closed March 2005]

798 Danforth ave
(416) 778-1200

*closed March 2005*

Located right at the edge of the trendy Danforth, east of Pape, this place is known as the only Afghan restaurant in Toronto. Prices are really affordable and dishes resemble Indian cuisine. Appetizers include Bolani (stuffed pastry with potatoes and seasonal vegetables), Mantu (steamed dough filled with ground beef, onions, and spices topped with yogourt and beef gravy), ($1.49-$2.99) as well as many types of vegetable salads and soups. ($2.99)

Mains include a selection of kababs (skewers of beef, tekka (lamb), chicken, lamb kidney, all $9.99-$11.99). Combo dishes include rice, two side vegetables, chatnee sauce, and bread. (all $9.99). Karayees are meat dishes served with Afghan salad, bread, and chatnee sauce. Karayees come in Lamb, Ground Beef, and Chicken, all between $14.99-$15.99. Complete dinners are $9.99 and include meat, rice, bread, and two side vegetables. Some dinners include lamb, ground beef, with rice and vegetables while other dinners include beef and onion dumplings or a lamb or Afghan beef soup with potato and salad.

I remember not having any choice but to have two vegetable side dishes. Both were good but resembled two vegetable curry dishes. One was composed of carrots and peas and the other was composed of other types of vegetables. We sat cross legged on a carpeted platform without a conventional table. The ambiance and decor was interesting and service was nice. The restaurant was empty and we wanted to try it out. The two vegetable side dishes I ordered were indeed good and my friend ordered a lamb dish which came with rice, bread, and two vegetable dishes. He was quite satisfied but I was not. Drinks include a traditional Afghan drink called Dough ( like an Indian lassi- a yogourt drink with mint, cucumber, and salt), as well as a selection of a traditional teas and coffees. Desserts include traditional Afghan ice creams, puddings, rice pudding, and Baklava (I did not know Baklava was Afghan) all $1.49-$5.99.

Unfortunately I do not think I will go back to Chopan Kabab due to the lack of vegetarian options. It seems all I could get were peas, carrots, and potatoes. I was hungry and unhappy. Accepts all cards and takeout.