Restaurant La Cabane de Portugal

(514) 843-7283


La Cabane was the best dining & drinking experience I’ve had in a long time. We (my friend Ken & I) went to this Portuguese tavern in a crazy blizzard one Sunday night, and I’m so glad I went.

La Cabane very much embodies the whole spirit of the plateau. It has a very relaxed and cozy atmosphere, very cool. Ken said this is a place he’s never seen a fistfight. To say it’s a Portuguese tavern is completely accurate, there are a lot of Portuguese dishes focusing on meat & sausages like chorizo. In addition to the meat dishes, there are also salads, desserts & coffees. The top price is $15.95 for the filet mignon.

We started the evening off with a large pitcher of Boreal Noir to share. This beer was sooo delicious, I just wish I could find it in Toronto dammit! It is like Guinness, but it is a bit sweeter & goes down was smoother. Believe me when I say it goes down easy, I could have drank it all night.

Our first appetizer of the evening was Petisco – a dish that included pork, chorizo, Swiss cheese chunks, pickled peppers, and olives in a white wine, olive oil sauce. This dish was so to die for! It was so savoury and delicious, and came with crusty rolls to soak up the sauce. At $10.95 for the small, and $14.95 for the large order, this was completely worth it. Good call Ken!

Our second appetizer was just as fantastic. We shared the garlic shrimp, which came in an artery hardening pool of melted butter, yumma! The shrimp were very tender & sweet, you could see the garlic swimming happily in the butter. We got more crusty rolls to sop up this delicious pool of yum.

To cap the evening we ordered alongees, and our waitress was smart enough to bring ice water to accompany it.

This dining experience was one to remember, good food good friends, good times.

Churrasco Of St Clair‎

679 St Clair Avenue West
 (416) 658-0652

Affectionately known, at least to my family, as “Churassco”, this Portuguese eatery has been a take-out staple for many years in the mid town area. The term churassco actually refers to the way in which the chicken is prepared. I could not describe to you in earnest how that is, all I know is that it is delicous.

Walking into this establishment, located just east of the intersection of St. Clair and Christie, a blast of hot air hits you as dozens of butterflied chickens are visibly being grilled in plain view of the salivating customers. Orders of half or quarter chicken are available, each of which coming with a generous serving of small round potatoes and a heap of white rice. Chicken sandwiches are also available but they work better for lunch. Ribs are available though I have never tried them. If you like spice, be sure to ask for some hot sauce to dip the chicken or potatoes in. The potatoes are also particularly delicious and it never hurts to order an extra helping (unless of course you are watching your carb intake).