New York Cafe

757 Broadview Ave

If you are looking for casual comfort food, in a casual relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere just off the Danforth, then look no further. The food is reasonably priced, pretty decent, and is served in huge quantities.

Among the best – the pizza! New York Café serves up a classic old school style pizza – stringy mozzarella, traditional toppings, all around classic & very good. Again, the serving size is rather generous. Also good – chicken souvlaki & all day breakfasts. If you have a hankering for decent breakfast food at 5:00 pm, served with a beer – no problem, NYC can accommodate!

It’s proximity to the Bad Dog Theatre & the Music Hall makes this a great destination for a quick economical bite to eat before a show.

Best waitress – Joanne without question. I have been known to call ahead & request a seat in her section. She is friendly, prompt, attentive & completely honest, everything you look for in a stellar waitress who deserves every last cent of her tips. Tip generously!

For a while, a group of us referred to NYC as “The Peach Pit”. We were reminded of the 90210 venue despite the mural of the New York skyline. It’s an easy place to dine. Check it out for yourself.

Peter Pan [Mark Aaron]

373 Queen St. W

On Sunday September 25, 2005 it was my 31st birthday and the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I had arranged for a birthday brunch get together after I successfully finished the marathon (I did it in 3:55:30). After finishing naturally i was sore so our plan was to “brunch it up” on King west or Queen West. We made our way to Queen West hoping to “brunch” at Fressen but it was too far. I had seen Peter Pan many times but never went in. Boy i was missing something very special.

Peter Pan is one of the oldest “restored” restaurants on the Queen west strip between University and Spadina. Think of it as a classy “old fashioned” romantic restaurant. Once inside you have stepped back into the past–I do not mean a 1950’s diner, but a 1920’s or 1930’s classy restaurant, a more “high end” take on the classy diner, something more special.

This place has a great dela of charm. There is a lot of art on the walls (some for sale), wooden booths and a high, pressed-tin ceiling. As well, there are high ornate ceilings, an old-style bar (with built-in stools) and comfortable wooden booths throughout the restaurant. The place is named Peter Pan because it’s at the corner of Peter and Queen I suspect.

The menu offers many appetizers under $10, plus pasta, pizza, and burgers priced between $12-$15. Mains are between $14-$20. The whole place looks like it was never remodeled or re-done, almost completely restored, as if stepping into the past. What nostalgia! We went especially for brunch and we sat at the back terrace that seats about 6 tables and is surrounded by glorious trees and green space. Justine ordered the potato rosti with smoked salmon ($9)which she thought was simply amazing. She was glad to be served water with lemon. I ordered the French toast with maple syrup and fruit ($9). Daniel, Lizzie, and Paulo ordered the omelete with ricotta cheese that was accompanied with salad and pancetta on top ($9) . Wendy ordered the personal size chorizo sausage pizza with olives & artichoke hearts($9). She thought it was very good. All thought that the food was wonderful but the service stank. The young man who served us was frustrated by our size (we were 6 people) and he made nasty facial expression when we asked questions or asked for more water or coffee. When i asked for a mocha (espresso with steamed milk and chocolate) he said it was the girl’s first day on the Espresso bar and she could not make the drink. What a load of crap. A mocha is a single or double espresso with some chocolate syrup or cocoa. Give me a break. When Justine asked for fresh coffee, he gave a nasty facial expression.

Some items of interest include warm beet salad in a dijon vinaigrette with goat cheese, walnuts and a sweet poached pears with star anise ($9). As well, lamb shank ($17) with lentils and kale. Other items include whole wheat fusilli with goat cheese and grilled chicken, mushrooms, and spinach in a light cream sauce, goat cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breast over mashed potatoes and vegetables ($14 and $16 respectively).

Peter Pan also serves a vast array of desserts (cakes, pies, dessert crepes) and obscure types of wine. After finishing our brunch, Lizzie and Justine ordered the fruit dessert crepe but they ran out. To be blunt, service had attitude and was beyond crap. The guy just could not deal with six people. Come on! The women “greeters” were pleasant but this young man was a major grouch!

Serves weekend brunch. Art rotates regularly at Peter Pan.
Accepts all cards. Backyard terrace. Open Mon-Wed noon-midnight; Thurs-Sat noon-1am; Sun noon-11pm.

Windfields Dining Lounge

 801 York Mills Rd
North York/Don Mills

This casual family dining lounge is a place I have gone to a couple of times on a work lunch. It is known for generally speedy service at lunch, and caters to the blue rinse crowd. The menu is comprised of salads, sandwiches, fajitas, souvlakis burgers, pastas, stir fries, etc. Though the majority of the menu is under $10, the top price is $17.95 for a 12 oz steak.

When we arrive the place is busy, though our hostess seems more interested in chatting with her boyfriend rather than seating us. Someone else seats us instead. Our waiter Jerry was very nice which made up for the trashy hostess.

I ordered the Philadelphia Hoagie � thinkly sliced sirloin steak, onions, peppers, mushrooms, swiss cheese, served on fresh garlic bread with fries – $9.75. This was a tasty meal at a fair price. I was not super keen on the fries; they were coated with something I didn�t like. The others in my group had fish & chips, a chicken club and steak on a French stick.

The portions were generous, the price was fair – $50 for 4 people, tax & tip included, and everyone enjoyed their meal while getting out on time. I won�t make a special trip to go there, but when opportunity presents itself, I have no objection.

New York Cafe

757 Broadview Ave
See also Danforth, Fast Food, Greek

This small, cosy restaurant with a quaint neighbourhood feel is located right at Broadview and Danforth. It offers fresh Greek cuisine (and also serves as a bar) at really cheap prices. I went with Vivian and Wendy one night for a late dinner after Wendy’s Improv workshops at the Bad Dog Theatre. Meals range from $5-$10 and portions are really big. Service is excellent, staff are friendly, and there are many vegetarian options. Some vegetarian options include several pasta dishes, vegetarian pizza, vegetarian souvlaki, and the vegetable kebabs

I ordered a small Greek salad for $4.45. It came with lettuce, tomatoes, feta, olives , and a wonderful dressing on the side. I could not identify the dressing but it had that creamy Italian taste, yet it could have been an Italian dressing with some Tzatiki mixed in…who knows?

Wendy ordered the hamburger and it was HUGE. It came with French fries, and the works, for only $4.95. There is a huge assortment of Greek dishes, as well as some Italian dishes like pasta and pizza, chicken parmiagnana, as well as steak, fish, and seafood.

New York Cafe prides itself as being chosen as one of the best places to eat in Toronto by Cheap Eats Toronto. The decor inside, I must admit, is alittle cheesy. Greek painting and photographs surround the two dining area, with a kitschy ambiance, similar to many greasy spoons or fast food diners. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a bar with an assortment of wines, beers, and other beverages.

At the end of the meal, I finally realized why this Greek restaurant was called the “New York Cafe”. The menu cover has the typical New York skyline and there is a wall mural of the New York skyline on one wall of the dining area. They accept every card under the sun

7 West

7 Charles

7 West is located on 7 Charles street, on three floors of an old converted Victorian home, with hardwood floors, exposed brick, and a fireplace. It’s just one block south of the Yonge/Bloor intersection. They serve many vegetarian meals and the prices are really affordable for what you get. The drinks are expensive, though. Never go on a Saturday night because this calm, cool, funky, hip cafe becomes a busy, crowded cheesy bar with macho guys with way too much cologne and women who look like whores socialize and drink and the whole ambiance becomes all loud and resembles a bar- YUCK!

Go during a weeknight or during the day on the weekend. I usually order the vegetarian chili or the grilled vegetable sandwich with a lot of chick pea green salad. It’s colourful, fresh, and portions are decent. 🙂 My veggie chili was a bit liquidy, but it’s quite tasty and not expensive.

They also serve excellent salads, and light meals, desserts, and full course dinners. You get good quality food and good service. Just avoid going Friday and Saturday night.

7-West also serves brunch on the weekend. There is small one-pager, in addition to the menu, with traditional brunch fare with affordable prices. Drinks are bit high (Diet Coke for $3.00) but I had the granola with fruit and yogourt for $6.00 and my brunch date had eggs, peameal bacon, with a chick pea green salad and service, presentation, and quality of food was good.


2363 Yonge
Toronto (416) 322-7111

Located right in the heart of Yonge and Eglinton (Eligible) this small diner serves traditional diner food (hamburgers, fries, chicken, sandwiches, milkshakes) with friendly staff and a nice host with a great smile. There are many brunch specials and they seem to have a diverse selection of food for our different tastes. Thank God they cater to vegetarians and non vegetarians. Nice comfortable soft seating, and the coffee was hot and fresh. I had a baked apple plate with granola, fruit, yogourt, and a low fat muffin. They serve egg white omeletes which are really good for the health conscious and they also serve greasy, traditional dishes. The ambiance is family friendly, casual, and laid back. Prices are between $8.00 to $10.00 for brunch and lunch and $10.00-$15.00 for dinner.

Serre Picasso

6810 St Jacques St
Montreal, QC H4B 1V8
Phone: (514) 484-2832

Open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Serre Picasso has been serving up a large variety of North American fare for the past 25 years. With affordable prices, huge portions, and specializing in HUGE complete breakfasts. Located in the West End on seedy St. Jacques, on the 90 bus route, near Vendome metro station, this popular all night hang out for teenas, psot-clubing, and St. Jacques folk is right next door to a strip club. Ambiance is very low, if not kitschy and seedy.

With a large selection of unhealthy vegetarian options, and great all-inclusive breakfast specials. Breakfast specials are served the whole day and include eggs and bacon, pancakes, French toast, and Belgian waffles. Breakfast is not the only thing on the menu. They serve submarine sandwiches, pizza, steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, souvlakis, Caesar salads, pasta and much, much more, there’s something for everyone at the Picasso all-night diner. Sits more than four hundred diners in this restaurant, divided into 4 sections. With a laid back ambiance, a diner-type decor, this family-style eatery is worth the visit. Accepts all cards.


6200 Somerled Ave

I’ve been going to B&M since I was a kid, when it was on the corner of Monkland near Draper in the charming heart of NDG. They have always been serving wonderful hearty Italian dishes at affordable prices. I always tried every pasta and pizza and I loved it. Portions are big and they also have a liquor license.

We still go, but it has recently moved to the corner of Somerled and Grand. There is also a small location at 5800 Sherbrooke near Melrose, where they do take-out and delivery. The telephone number for the take-out and delivery place on Sherbrooke is their old number: 514.484.3717

Prices are always affordable, menu is too large (10 pages of Greek and Italian dishes – steak, fish, chicken, pasta, and a HUGE pizza menu) with many vegetarian options. Decor is very cosy, homey, family owned, and a lot of the food is “comfort food”. Whenever my New York city family comes for a visit, we always go to B&M. The last time we went my mum and sister ordered the grilled chicken with a cream and wine sauce. My aunt and uncle ordered the grilled chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and other veggies. I ordered the vegetarian parmiagianna (eggplant parmigianna without the tomato sauce)- what a disappointment. Daily table d’hote specials are between $12.95-$15.95 and includes coffee, soup, and dessert.

When I was growing up in Montreal, we went to B&M on a weekly basis. My sister and I used to call it Barf and Marmelade (as a joke) but it had no reflection whatsoever on the freshness, flavour, and service that this classic NDG restaurant offered. Accepts all cards.